The Spanish Moss Murders

Night StalkerMurder victims are turning up with two unusual features. Their chests are brutally crushed, and they are covered with Spanish moss, a plant not found in Chicago. Kolchak’s investigations also determine a common factor: they were both enemies of an ill-tempered Cajun street player, Paul Langois. Langois has an ironclad alibi, however – he’s been in an induced coma for several weeks as part of a dream-research experiment. Nonetheless, Carl suspects Langois is responsible. His research shows that a bayou legend of Langois’ parish tells of “Pelemafait,” a boogeyman who crushes the life out of his victims. Kolchak believes that the experiment Langois is participating on has unleashed a monster from his childhood dreams. Langois dies as Pelemafait takes on a life of its own, and Kolchak is its next victim. Only a spear made of bayou gum wood can kill the monster in its sewer lair.

Order the DVDswritten by Al Friedman and David Chase
from a story by Al Friedman
directed by Gordon Hessler
music by Gil Mille

Guest Cast: Keenan Wynn (Captain Joe “Mad Dog” Siska), Severn Darden (Dr. Aaron Pollack), Richard Kiel (Pelemafait), Johnny Silver (Pepe LaRue/Morris Shapiro), Ned Glass (Superintendent)

Notes: Keenan Wynn becomes the only recurring policeman to keep the same name (he also appears in Demon In Lace). Here he froths at the mouth as a captain whose months of group therapy are disrupted by Kolchak. Richard Kiel returns again as the gigantic Pelemafait.

LogBook entry by Steve Crowe