The Eclipse Of The Korven

K-9The dimensional gateway in Gryffen’s lab activates of its own accord, but its energy is twisted, forming anembryonic black hole and a white hole in mid-air. K-9 predicts that Earth will be destroyed when the two converge – something that should take only 20 minutes. K-9 races to find out what Thorne is doing, certain that Thorne’s double-cross to gain possession of his regeneration unit is part of what is happening. He finds that Thorne also has another dimensional gateway similar to the one that Gryffen has pieced together, but much larger, and intended for a more sinister purpose: Thorne will use it to give his alien masters the means to invade Earth. He’s even anticipated every countermeasure Gryffen will use to close all of the dimensional portals, and has planned accordingly. K-9 will have to make an unthinkable sacrifice to save the world, and this time without his regeneration unit.

written by Shayne Armstrong & S.P. Krause
directed by David Napier
music by Christopher Elves

Guest Cast: Robyn Moore (June Turner), Connor Van Vuuren (Drake), Matthew Reimer (Korven Leader), Josh Norbido (CCPC), Jason McNamara (CCPC), Eugen Bekafigo (CCPC), Michael Donnet (CCPC), Tyler Rostedt (CCPC), Jarod Grodecki (CCPC)

Notes: Several elements planted through the entire season have been leading up to this episode: the missing element of the Korven-built gateway (Angel Of The North), Thorne’s involvement in the Department prison that held the Meron (Liberation), the virus that unleashed the CCPCs from human control (The Last Precinct), K-9’s regeneration unit (Regeneration / Hound Of The Korven), and Gryffen’s gradual fight against his agoraphobia (almost the entire season). For the first time, K-9 appears with the plaid collar similar to the one he wore in his original form in the Doctor’s company – perhaps a coincidence, or perhaps evidence that he has begun to recover some of his memories. The second and third Greek letters of Gryffen’s verbal deactivation code are sigma theta: whether coincidentally or not, a reversal of the Doctor’s Gallifreyan nickname, Theta Sigma (The Armageddon Factor).

LogBook entry by Earl Green