K-9A wave of incidents spreads through London, often involving CCPCs being disabled by a group calling itself the Last Precinct. CCPCs raid Gryffen’s lab, blast K-9 and take hostages, but they’re not looking for evidence – in fact, some of them aren’t CCPCs at all. Two humans remove CCPC uniforms and reveal themselves as members of the Last Precinct: the last London Metro Police officers remaining when the Department relieved all human police of duty to replace them with CCPCs. Pike is also Darius’ father, though the two barely acknowledge one another after years of estrangement. Pike has an ace up his sleeve, however: a computer virus that will put all of the CCPCs in London under his control. But who engineered that virus… and will deploying it actually help his aim of demonstrating the unreliability of CCPCs to the public, or will it only unleash an even more dangerous situation?

written by Shayne Armstrong & S.P. Krause
directed by James Bogle
music by Christopher Elves

Guest Cast: Robyn Moore (Inspector June Turner), Jared Robinsen (Thorne), Chris Betts (Pike), Lloyd Morris (Halloran), Jason McNamara (Green Hand), Josh Norbido (CCPC), Eugen Bekafigo (CCPC), Tyler Rostedt (CCPC), Simon Preston-Barnes (CCPC)

The Last PrecinctNotes: The CCPCs are revealed to be cyborgs – cybernetic organisms – in this episode, and mention is made of cloning centers that produce the CCPCs. Even more menacing is the fact that someone has been integrating alien biotechnology into the latest round of CCPCs cloned. As the CCPC raid on the last police precinct in London happened only two years ago, back when Gryffen’s lab was that police station, it’s reasonable to assume that Gryffen’s occupancy of the building is very recent, despite enough clutter to suggest that he’s been there for years.

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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