Hound Of The Korven

K-9Darius is awakened by Inspector Thorne – a bit of a shock, since Thorne is on Gryffen’s property – who tries to sway Darius’ loyalty with a chance to see how his father is handling a stay in the Department’s virtual reality prison. Thorne’s price for this favor seems simple: he wants a piece of K-9’s circuitry, a piece he claims won’t be missed. And Thorne has something to tempt K-9 into cooperating as well: a memory chip that K-9 is missing.

But the circuit Thorne wants is the regeneration unit that restored K-9 in his new form. Even with his father’s freedom on the line, Darius knows this isn’t an even exchange. K-9 makes the trade anyway, and when he accesses the chip that supposedly contains his missing memory, the trap is sprung: a trojan horse program that takes over K-9’s programming, turning him into a mobile bomb dedicated to taking out an enemy of the Department’s choosing. And it can hardly be a coincidence that a lone Jixen has returned to Earth to find Starkey…

written by Shayne Armstrong & S.P. Krause
directed by Mark DeFriest
music by Christopher Elves

Guest Cast: Robyn Moore (Inspector June Turner), Jared Robinsen (Thorne), Chris Betts (Pike), Jandardan Kewin (Jixey), Stephen Sourris (Dept. Technician), Josh Norbido (CCPC), Jason McNamara (CCPC), Eugen Bekafigo (CCPC), Michael Donnet (CCPC), Tyler Rostedt (CCPC)

LogBook entry by Earl Green