The Korven

K-9Professor Gryffen’s latest attempt to reactivate the device that could retrieve his family fizzles before his eyes – but as he walks away in disappointment, he doesn’t notice that it powers up again and admits a visitor to his house: an alien called a Korven. Gryffen disappears, and Darius reluctantly decides to call Jorjie and Starkey, who are hiding from Department troops with K-9. The Korven is an alien being from 300 years in Earth’s future, who will attempt to invade by terraforming the planet to provide the rest of its species with their ideal environment: bitter cold. This particular Korven intends to remove Gryffen’s memories in the hope that his scientific knowledge can speed the invasion by several centuries. The gas the Korven is using to keep its immediate surroundings cold is not only freezing K-9’s human companions, but it’s affecting K-9’s computer brain – leaving him a very limited time to heat up the rescue effort.

written by Tim Pye
directed by Karl Zwicky
music by Christopher Elves

Guest Cast: Robyn Moore (Inspector June Turner), Connor Van Vuuren (Drake), Todd Levi (Medowin), Matthew Renner (Korven), Stephen Sourkis (Dept. Technician), Josh Norsend (CCPC), Jason McNamara (CCPC), Eugen Bekaford (CCPC), Dane Paltman (CCPC)

LogBook entry by Earl Green