Unnatural Selection

InvasionRose runs home from playing at the water’s edge to tell Russell that she’s seen another of the glowing lights in the water. Russell and Dave go to look, but find nothing; their reaction, however, is telling to both Jesse, who finds it more difficult each day to trust either of his increasingly secretive parents, and Larkin, who wonders why Russell hasn’t brought this potential story to her attention. Larkin has been considering calling on an old flame at the local Air Force base to see if she can catch another glimpse of the containers she and Sheriff Underlay saw being removed from the water, and Russell’s continued secrecy only intensifies her resolve. Carl McKittrick, an old friend of Russell’s, appears in the midst of all this activity to confide some marital difficulties to Russell, but when Russell doesn’t have time to talk, McKittrick instead breaks into a gun store, arms himself, and when Sheriff Underlay arrives on the scene, shots ring out – and McKittrick is killed. Russell vows not to let the matter drop, and when he goes to see McKittrick’s wife, discovers that she was another of the hurricane survivors who was found unharmed in mysterious circumstances after the storm. She and other survivors, including Mariel, Kira’s boyfriend Derek, and the local priest, have formed a support group of sorts, meeting at the priest’s church to discuss their shared experience. And Sheriff Underlay is there too.

Order this DVDwritten by Michael Berns & Shaun Cassidy
directed by Thomas Schlamme
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Sirk), Matt Ross (Vince Teracoma), Sylvia Kelegian (Lucy McKittrick), Ivar Brogger (Father Scanlon), Veronica Cartwright (Valerie Shenkman), Jake Richardson (Gage), Stephen Lee (Carl McKittrick), Michael Mitchell (Derek Culie), Robert Dickenson (Newscaster), Jake Eberle (Man), Alexis Ryan (Woman), Saida Rodriguez Pagan (Newscaster #1), Reggie Jordan (Newscaster #2), Matt Sigloch (MP)

LogBook entry by Earl Green