InvasionAfter revealing the truth about Tom Underlay to Mariel, Russell fears that his children may pay the price – Tom has taken them on an unannounced trip, leaving no clues as to where they’re being taken. Where the children are concerned, Tom promises a fun weekend getaway, but Jesse is immediately skeptical, relentlessly questioning Tom about where they are, and why there’s a sheriff’s department boat tied to the dock. Jesse can’t seem to get Rose or Kira worked up about the situation, though. Worked up barely begins to describe Mariel and Russell’s state of mind, and worse yet, Larkin suspects that Russell may be spending time with his ex-wife for reasons that have nothing to do with their children. Russell decides it’s time to tell Larkin everything he knows about the hurricane survivors who have banded into an unusually insular group, and even tells her about finding the body of the real Tom Underlay. But he doesn’t know what Larkin will do with the information – she could discard it as a flimsy excuse, or she could decide to make a news story out of it. And all the while, Tom is calling Mariel and giving her only the most cryptic answers about her children’s well being. To ensure their safety, however, she’ll have to reaffirm her loyalty to her husband – despite knowing that he’s no longer human.

Order this DVDwritten by Becky Hartman Edwards & Reed Steiner
directed by Lawrence Trilling
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Elisabeth Moss (Christina), Mark Colson (Deputy Munger), Colin Fickes (Deputy Palmateer), Michael Mitchell (Derek Culie), Scott Klace (Stevie)

LogBook entry by Earl Green