The Dredge

InvasionObsessed with what she saw in the water – her own body, decomposing – Mariel demands that her husband and his deputies begin dredging the water to find what she saw. She’s just about to speak about her unnerving experience at one of the hurricane survivors’ support group meetings at the church when she spots Dave wandering in the door, and abruptly shuts up. Dave later visits Mariel at the hospital, apologizing for making her feel uncomfortable and promising that he’s not there to spy on her for Russell. Russell, in the meantime, abruptly ends a romantic picnic with Larkin when he sees one of the ponds in his jurisdiction has been poisoned. Russell barges into the nearby home of a known drug dealer and accuses him of dumping poison in the park; when the dealer’s wife draws a gun, Russell manages to get it away from her and holds both of them at gunpoint. A horrified Larkin calls the police, and after they arrest the dealer, Larkin looks into Russell’s past, and finds a criminal record with far darker secrets than she ever expected to find there, calling their trust and their relationship into question. And when Russell performs a necropsy on a poisoned alligator he recovers from the pond, he realizes that everything in the pond died as the result of something far more exotic than the manufacture of drugs.

Order this DVDwritten by Jill Blotevogel and Reed Steiner
directed by Michael Nankin
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Ivar Brogger (Father Scanlon), Nathan Baesel (Sirk), Jeff Doucette (Bob Hemming), Meera Simhan (Connie / Pria), Ron Butler (Coroner), Leigh Kelly (Carla Hemming), Joyce Fessides (Woman in church), Rocky Carroll (Healy), James Carraway (Roger Weeks), Anthony Richardson (Scuba diver)

LogBook entry by Earl Green