The Last Wave Goodbye

InvasionThe hurricane strikes Homestead, and Szura’s master plan goes into effect – people seeking shelter from the storm are forced into the water as the lights descend, providing the raw material for more hybrids. Larkin, Jesse and Rose try to escape the hybrids posing as the National Guard, and then Sheriff Underlay and Russell arrive, guns blazing, taking down as many of the hybrids as they can until backup arrives in the form of the Air Force, who has been called in by Dave and Deputy Sirk. Szura escapes, taking the pregnant hybrid women – and Mariel – with him, to an undisclosed location; his hybrid soldiers, along with Underlay, are rounded up and held for questioning. Once released, Underlay joins Russell to mount a rescue mission to save Mariel, but once she’s safe, Underlay’s next mission is to capture or kill Szura. When Russell tries to get Mariel to safety, she refuses to leave the pregnant hybrids. Even when cornered and mortally wounded, Szura has no doubt that the hybrids will take over, and dies with that promise on his lips. Jesse’s friend Brett, along with another boy from the school, take Larkin and Dave hostage, intending to use them as bait to trap and kill Underlay; Larkin manages to get word to Sirk. Jesse, Rose, Sirk and Kira hide out in the locked room at Underlay’s house, where Sirk hopes to end the hostage situation, but instead becomes a hostage himself. Jesse manages to alert Underlay to the situation just before Brett finds the secret room. Unaware of this, Russell and Mariel transport some of the pregnant hybrids to the water, despite Russell’s fear that allowing them to give birth may give rise to something even worse than Szura or his half-human, half-alien hybrids. Underlay takes back his house, but Larkin is shot in the ensuing firefight. In a last-ditch effort to save her life, Underlay takes Larkin to the water – becoming a hybrid may be her only chance.

Order this DVDwritten by Shaun Cassidy & Charlie Craig
directed by Lawrence Trilling
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Verlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Sirk), James Frain (Szura), Edwin Hodge (Brett), Verda Bridges (Brett’s mom), Brent King (Lee), Valerie Cruz (Col. Lopez), Tammy Trull (Alma), Tracey Rooney (Pregnant hybrid #1), Rebecca Avery (Pregnant hybrid #2), Christine Ogunade (Pregnant hybrid #3 – Lydia), Brennan Feonix (Guardsman #3), Alicia Wollerton (Mother), Arthur Young (7 year old), Michael Klock (Husband), Allison Gammon (Wife in crowd), Annie O’Donnell (Old woman in crowd)

Notes: Invasion was cancelled by ABC mere days before its season finale premiered. Though there were hopes that it would be picked up by the CW – a new network formed jointly by Viacom/Paramount/CBS and Warner Bros., the studio that produced Invasion – the show did not appear on the CW’s first schedule. As such, the cliffhanger of whether or not Larkin dies, or become a hybrid and lives, is left unresolved.

LogBook entry by Earl Green