Burning Man

Night StalkerThe investigation of a bizarre death – a man who seemed to spontaneously combust at a gas station, causing a huge explosion – brings Kolchak and Perri into contact with Howard Gorn, a senior reporter at the Beacon’s national desk whose own investigation into a string of murders with similarly incendiary results formed the basis for a book. In fact, Gorn’s case files on the book are kept in a locked drawer, and not in the paper’s research library, which prevents Kolchak from comparing the evidence. In the string of “Terrormaker” murders, a wax figurine – rumored to be covered with a biological agent causing the spontaneous combustion effect – was sent to each of the Terrormaker’s targets, usually people involved with bioweapons research. Kolchak and Perri try to enlist the help of Doug Panero, the FBI agent who brought the Terrormaker down, and Panero reluctantly tells them later that this new victim did indeed fit the profile of the killer’s previous targets. But the Terrormaker was executed a year ago, and as more wax figurines are delivered to people who then die in a burst of flame, Panero wonders if he helped arrest the right man – and insists that Kolchak keep Gorn in the dark.

Order the DVDswritten by Noah Baylin
directed by Tony Wharmby
music by Michael Wandmacher

Guest Cast: William Lucking (Howard Gorn), Michael O’Keefe (Doug Panero), Clare Carey (Lisa Panero), Madison Mason (Houck), Price Carson (Mystery man), Brandon Fobbs (Delivery boy), Kevin Brief (Fogel), Eugene Collier (Customer), Shane Johnson (Susan Reynolds), Alex Fernandez (Gary Reynolds)

LogBook entry by Earl Green