Origin Of Species

InvasionIn the wee hours of the morning, Dave is kidnapped dragged off to an unknown location; when his captors remove the hood from his head, Dave sees a man he’s never met before – and a woman who has repeatedly spoken to him about his blog at the local internet cafe’. Russell discovers that Dave is missing, and finds Dave’s tape recorder. Russell learns from the internet cafe’ owner that a woman has repeatedly asked Dave to accompany her to an abandoned shipyard, but Dave has never taken her up on her invitation. When Russell hears the sound of Dave’s kidnapping on the tape, he doubles back to check out the shipyard himself, and pulls a gun on Dave’s captors – only to be taken by surprise himself. The man, who calls himself Healey (but admits that’s not his real name), tells Russell and Dave about similar incidents in Central America and South America, usually after hurricanes, where people who survived under mysterious circumstances were never the same. And in those cases, Healey says, those survivors committed suicide or killed one another, and the attempt at an invasion never took hold – making it important to find out why the transformations seem to be relatively uneventful in Homestead. In the meantime, Deputy Lewis Sirk, Sheriff Underlay’s right hand man who lost his left arm while serving in the military, probes further into the mystery of the body found underwater by Mariel – and he discovers far too much for Underlay’s comfort. But Underlay’s discomfort is intensified even more when he tries to sacrifice Sirk to the underwater beings – and they return him not only possessed, but with a new arm.

Order this DVDwritten by Shaun Cassidy & Juan Carlos Coto
directed by Steve Shill
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Sirk), Ivar Brogger (Father Scanlon), Rocky Carroll (Healy), Meera Simhan (Pria), Robert Peters (Craig), Kamal Marayati (Pria’s husband)

LogBook entry by Earl Green