The Collectors

Logan's RunWhen the hovercraft breaks down in the desert, Logan and Jessica go exploring on foot while Rem tries to conduct repairs. But what the two runners find isn’t desolation – it’s an oasis in the unlikeliest of places, and a populated one too. When they cautiously introduce themselves, Logan and Jessica find that they’re among friends: fellow runners tell them they’ve found Sanctuary. But after repairing the hovercraft, Rem goes looking in exactly the same place, and he doesn’t see Sanctuary at all, but more desert. Even though they’re separated from each other, Logan, Jessica and Rem quickly discovered that they aren’t guests in a safe haven, but captives in an interplanetary zoo whose “specimens” have been abducted by an alien crew. They also seem to have developed telekinetic powers, which could be their means of escape…or their undoing.

Download this episodewritten by James Schmerer
directed by Alexander Singer
music by Laurence Rosenthal

Guest Cast: Linden Chiles (John), Leslie Parrish (Joanna), Angela Cartwright (Karen), Lawrence Casey (Martin), Perry Bullington (Sandman #1), Ben Van Vacier (Sandman #2), Stan Stratton (Sandman #3)

LogBook entry by Earl Green