What Kate Did

LostFlashback: When Kate’s stepfather Wayne comes home drunk, she helps put him to bed. Then she rides away on her motorcycle moments before the house explodes. She stops to see her mother before trying to get to Florida, to say goodbye and give her an insurance policy she had taken out on the house. The marshals catch her before she can get on a bus, but when a black horse crosses the path of the marshal’s car, he swerves and hits a pole. He’s disoriented just long enough for Kate to push him out of the car and drive away. She meets her father in the Army recruiting office where he works to tell him she knows the truth. He was in Korea until four months before she was born. Wayne is her biological father. She leaves the office after her father says he’ll have to call the police, but agrees to give her a head start. With a last hug, Kate walks out of the door.

The Island: While picking fruit, Kate sees a black horse. She volunteers to stay in the bunker and watch over Sawyer while Sayid and the others bury Shannon. Sawyer wakes up and grabs at Kate’s throat, asking, “What did you do?” When Jack and Locke return to the bunker, they find Kate gone, Sawyer sprawled on the ground, and the countdown with seconds to go. Locke gets the button pushed in time, and then shows the orientation film to Michael and Eko. Eko leaves immediately afterward. When he returns, he tells Locke the story of King Josiah and temple of Judea . . . and then shows him something the tail survivors found in the other Dharma bunker. It’s a piece of the filmstrip that had been cut out, a piece that warns against using the computer to try and contact anyone else.

Kate continues to see the horse, and fears she might be going crazy. She thinks there might somehow be a part of Wayne on the island, maybe even in Sawyer, and she tells him that knowing that Wayne was her father made her feel like she would never be good enough. Sawyer wakes up, and when Kate takes him outside for walk, they both see the horse.

While Locke and Eko are watching the missing part of the fimstrip, Michael examines the computers. The countdown clock stops at 51 minutes, and the computer beings beeping. “Hello?” it asks. Michael decides to reply . . . and gets what could be a message from another of the missing.

Order the DVDswritten by Steven Maeda & Craig Wright
directed by Paul Edwards
music by Michael Giacchino

Guest Cast: L. Scott Caldwell (Rose), Sam Anderson (Bernard), Frederic Lane (Marshal), Beth Broderick (Diane), Lindsey Ginter (Austen), James Horan (Wayne), J. Edward Sclafani (Ticket Agent)

Notes: Locke first viewed the filmstrip in this season’s Orientation.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer