All God’s Creatures

InvasionWhen she thinks she sees someone outside the house watching her, Larkin finally admits that recent events have left her scared to remain in Homestead. Fresh out of the hospital, Sheriff Underlay asks the hurricane survivors’ support group if they know the whereabouts of Deputy Sirk, who is considered a prime suspect in the attempt on Underlay’s life. After the meeting, one man comes forward with a tip that leads Underlay to a campsite near the water, where he finds Sirk. He also finds that his daughter Kira has been staying there with Sirk, though both insist that they haven’t been sleeping together. But when Kira is able to provide an alibi for Sirk’s whereabouts, Underlay is left looking for a new suspect, and his next stop is at Russell’s house. Russell lets Underlay in on the information that he might have a rival for the leadership of the hybrids – but even when Underlay insists, Russell won’t divulge where he got the information. Dave looks for signs of whatever is stalking his house, and finds that it seems to have a fixation with him – it’s been getting into the house and stealing everything from his records to his beer. When Rose spots it at the house again, Dave follows it out to the shed and finds that it has a disturbingly familiar face.

Order this DVDwritten by Michael Foley
directed by Harry Winer
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Sirk), Ivar Brogger (Father Scanlon), Bill Quinn (The Creature), Mark Colson (Deputy Munger), James Geralden (Deputy Ramsden), Jennifer Wilkerson (Nurse), Juan Carlos Cantu (Survivor / Javi), Sylvia Kelegian (Lucy McKittrick), James Carraway (Roger Weeks), Pia Artesona (Deputy Sanchez), Reggie Jordan (Reporter #1), Saida Rodriguez Pagan (Reporter #2), Becca Battoe (Intern)

LogBook entry by Earl Green