The Key

InvasionStill on the loose, Christina steals a vehicle, drives to the hospital, and demands that Mariel examine her – at gunpoint. But Mariel is more than willing to examine Christina and her unusual pregnancy, worried that the same thing is happening to her. Homestead’s schools open their doors for the first time since the hurricane, but Rose and Jesse are preoccupied by what they’ve learned about their mother. They also notice that many of their former classmates are behaving just as strangely as the other hybrids they’ve met. After Russell confronts him about how collaboration with Eli Szura, Tom goes to Szura and corners him about the escaped hybrids and the growing numbers of the dead among non-hybrids. One of those who have died because of what they knew, Russell’s informant, Healy, left a key to a boat where he kept some of his records. Those records lead Russell and Dave to the island where Szura is sequestering some of the more headstrong hybrids. When Tom returns Christina to Szura’s care, however, he may be signing her death sentence.

Order this DVDwritten by Michael Alaimo & Michael Foley
directed by Bryan Spicer
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Sirk), Elisabeth Moss (Christina), Michael Mitchell (Derek), James Frain (Eli Szura), Ron Perkins (Man), Tina Holmes (Ms. Wade), Kimleigh Smith (Nurse #1), Eddie Rutkowski (Nurse #2), Owen Beckman (Scott), Edwin Hodge (Brett), Jessica Jaques (Young woman)

Notes: Somewhat appropriately, Neil Finn’s “Driving Me Mad” is heard as Jesse returns to school. Kira watches a clip from Forbidden Planet (1956) while she’s recovering from her ordeal.

LogBook entry by Earl Green