Episode 2.2

Chocky's ChildrenNear his aunt’s home in the country, Matthew finds a windmill – the same one that has kept cropping up in his sketches and artwork. He meets a 12-year-old girl named Albertine, who lives with her father near the windmill; oddly, the two children already know each other’s names. Albertine’s father, who is homeschooling her, explains to Matthew’s aunt that the girl recently suffered some kind of brain trauma. Albertine is invited to take pottery lessons with Matthew, and he’s stunned when his new friend scuplts an abstract shape that he recognizes as Chocky’s physical form.

written by Anthony Read
based on characters created by John Wyndham
directed by Vic Hughes
Chockymusic not credited

Cast: Andrew Ellams (Matthew), Anabel Worrell (Albertine), Angela Galbreath (Cissie), Prentis Hancock (Meyer), Michael Crampton (Luke)

LogBook entry by Earl Green