Episode 2.4

Chocky's ChildrenMatthew is alarmed when an American scientist visits Albertine and her father, and tells them he’s studying the nature of genius and wants to conduct a few unintrusive tests on Albertine. Matthew warns Albertine about what happened to him a year before, and introduces her to Chocky. This convinces her to run away and hide, which upsets her father. Matthew knows where she’s hiding – a hiding place she had shown him while playing – but even there she isn’t safe.

written by Anthony Read
based on characters created by John Wyndham
directed by Vic Hughes
Chockymusic not credited

Cast: Andrew Ellams (Matthew), Anabel Worrell (Albertine), Angela Galbreath (Cissie), Prentis Hancock (Meyer), Ed Bishop (Deacon), Michael Crampton (Luke), Glynis Brooks (Chocky’s voice)

LogBook entry by Earl Green