Episode Five

ChockyMatthew manages to save his younger sister and gets her to dry land, to the astonishment of his father, who points out that Matthew has never learned how to swim. It quickly becomes apparent that Chocky has returned, and is responsible for Matthew suddenly being able to swim proficiently. BBC Radio interviews Matthew, who opens up – to his parents’ alarm – about hearing a voice that told him how to swim; the story also makes the papers. More reporters, and self-proclaimed psychics and witches, descend upon the Gore household, to his mother’s alarm. Dr. Landis arranges for Matthew to spend time with a hypnotist; after this session, Chocky abruptly leaves Matthew, instructing him to forget her.

written by Anthony Read
based on the novel by John Wyndham
directed by Vic Hughes and Christopher Hodson
music not credited

ChockyCast: Carol Drinkwater (Mary), James Hazeldine (David), Andrew Ellams (Matthew), Zoe Hart (Polly), John Grillo (Sir William Thorbe), Devin Stanfield (Colin), Colin McCormack (Alan), Penny Brownjohn (Phyl), Leo Dolan (Postman), Deborah Fairfax (Girl Reporter), Janet Henfrey (Cranky Woman), Brian Redhead (Interviewer), Gary Watson (Radio Reporter), Glynis Brooks (Chocky’s voice)

LogBook entry by Earl Green