My Dalek check(ers) bounced!

DalekSeems like it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was announcing Dalek Checkers would be played at my GlitchCon booth – oh wait, it was only a couple of weeks ago – but there’s a bit of bad news: in trying to work out the details of the actual board, I quickly came to the realization that it’d take more than half of the entire table. If this were OVGE, I’d say “hell yeah, buy an extra table just for this!“, but the tables cost four times what they did at OVGE. The idea here was to bring money in by selling books… so that’s gotta take precedence. My apologies for all three people who may be disappointed. 😆

The concept may resurface somewhere down the road, perhaps at OVGE. We’ll see.

I may bring a few display items to GlitchCon, but I’ve gotta keep the focus on the books and DVDs I’m there to sell. (And considering how past OVGE crowds have been about display items that aren’t for sale, I’m not even sure how much of that I plan on doing here.) I don’t want to have a bare table, but I also don’t want what’s on the table to completely obfuscate the fact that I’m trying to sell some books. :p

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