Why go?

^^ This. Also, advance to approximately 41:55 on the clip below:

(Sorry about the Warner Bros. spamminess; to my amazement I couldn’t find the scene in question anywhere on Youtube. To me it’s one of the most memorable moments in the entire series.)

Sadly, looking through the comments on the Youtube/Neil deGrasse Tyson video, it quickly becomes apparent why the dream is dead: we’ve become far too invested in shouting at eat other instead of finding common ground. Everyone seems far too interested in finding reasons to be pissed off, and not interested enough in lifting their eyes to the horizon. Everyone’s too busy reacting to think for themselves, dream, and act on that.

That, more than anything, will be the doom of this country, if not the entire world. Will it matter which ideology is prevalent if we destroy ourselves, or if the next passing asteroid does it for us? Whatever supreme being you may believe in, remember that he or she supplied you with a brain to fill much of that large round thing above your shoulders. Surely there’s a better use for it than bickering or devising ways to “do the other side in.”

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