The Critter Census

Just for giggles, using this article about determining your pets’ age, I decided to do a quick “critter census” of our herd of pets. (If indeed such a label can be applied to our four-legged overlords.) Here’s what I came up with:

Xena is approximately 64 years old in dog years. No wonder she’s delegated guard dog duties to Gabby, who is now a rambunctious teenager: she’s getting ready to retire.

Olivia and Oberon are both running up on 40. No wonder they hang out with me so much these days. Puck is 28, and he’s still nuts – Pucknuts, that is. That helps him to keep up with Portia and Maria, who are both teenagers.

Pour in a four-year-old human on top of all these four-legged teenagers, and now you know why I’m going grey.

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