And the new kitty’s name is…

Well, it’s pretty easy if you think about it. After all, in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oberon has a walking, talking ball of mischief who does his bidding for him, not in a malicious way, but just generally being underfoot.

Hence…meet Oberon and his minion, Puck.

Obi and Puck

Please refer any questions to Obi.

Obi and Puck

2 thoughts on “And the new kitty’s name is…”

  1. Possible conversation between you and the new cat when you try to tell him his new name:

    “Earl…me” (as you point to yourself).
    You then point at the cat and say: “Puck…you.”
    Next the cat will try to scratch your eyes out since he now thinks you just insulted him.

    Just an example of the weird things that crop up in my head from time to time.

    That last picture with Puck “standing” on Obi’s head is pretty cute. Oh…yuck…I just said the “C” word.

  2. What a small world: for the past week I’ve been working on a computer named Puck. Sad news: Puck is dead. Motherboard crapped out. So my customer is working on a replacement and it’s new name will be: Puck2.

    There is also a computer named Oberon here at work. Different department, however.

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