CGE Sunday highlights

More songs about buildings (full of games) and food!

Chris Koehler and Bill Kunkel
Chris Koehler (Wired) and Bill Kunkel (Tips & Tricks, Electronic Games) at a panel on the future of video game journalism.

8 Bit Weapon CDs
8 Bit Weapon had a new CD available this year, and you know, I swear to God that every time I go to CGE, these and the latest Tony Fox offerings are the things that I enjoy the most for the longest time after the show.

Flack and Chris Bieniak
Flack schmoozes with former Tips & Tricks editor Chris Bieniak.

Racing games
Bit of a generation gap here.

Joe and John
Joe Santulli and John Hardie at the last panel of the show, celebrating 10 years of CGE.

Cav Kong
Cav sneaks in a game of Donkey Kong in the DP Living Room.

Bum rush
This is the stampede that resulted after a “50 cent on all games special” was announced at the CGE Services table.

End of level.

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