CGE Saturday highlights – BONUS LEVEL

Congratulations! You spelled out “EXTRA”! You get more pictures!

From the auction: I was trying very hard to focus on Frog Frenzy instead of Crystal here. I can’t say I always succeeded.

Joe Santulli tries to get the huge number of DP forum regulars scrunched into one photo.

Me and Mr. Flibble
While everyone’s getting into position for the photo, I took my own. Left to right: Rob “Flack” O’Hara, Mr. Flibble, me, Paul “Pantechnicon” Cortez, and Drexel923.

QOF and Mayhem
Kristine “Queen of the Felines” and Mat “Mayhem” at the auction. Kris definitely has a “I hope you can fly back to London on the buoyant power of those Vectrex protos” look on her face here. 😆 The guy behind them is about to hurl at the thought of spending the kind of money Mat was bidding.

Solid Snake
Solid Snake went to pieces after Marty “marioallstar2600” bought him.

You’ve heard of bringing sexy back? Ian’s skipping that step and bringing breakdancing back. Either that or he’s sliding into home base in time for the group photo. At least I think that’s Ian – it’s a distinctly Ian-shaped blur.

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