GreenhouseFX.tvWell, here goes nothing – is out of the “testing” stage and into the fire. There’s a rate schedule in writing, there’s a print brochure available for download (one with which I was mighty pleased, by the way), and there’s also a “cutoff point” at which my wife and I have agreed that, if I can prove that I can meet it regularly and keep the work coming, I can ditch the part-timing stuff I’ve been doing in the meantime. (And that would make me a very happy panda.) I’d really like to prove to her, somehow, that there’s a point to me having dragged her to Illinois last fall to get an extra roomful of equipment that edits video and sounds like a plane taxiing down the runway when it’s just sitting there idling, and that I can justify my leap into unemployment by getting this thing off the ground and helping to support our new family while staying home with the baby when he gets here.

Thanks to those who gave me valuable advice and feedback on the look and interface of the site.

Not much else to say – I’ve had GreenhouseFX on the brain so much that I literally don’t think I have another thought in my head at the moment. (Though I suppose there are some who’d say that’s par for the course. 😉 )

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