Delete immediately, before someone gets hurt

Alas, poor Orac. He’s dead. That PC wouldn’t voom if you put 1.21 gigawatts of electricity through it. It’s pushing up the daisies and it’s joined the choir invisible. It can’t even get to the CMOS settings. It’s dead, with a capital dead. Naturally, right now is when I happen to need to scan a lot of stuff. πŸ™„ Fortunately a replacement is on the way, probably in even better shape than Orac was when I first got it. Really, it’s kinda silly if you think about it – when did I start needing three different computers in close proximity? Yikes. Just go ahead and assimilate me.

Speaking of computer-related misfortunes: I. Hate. IE7. And the whole thing about how it’s supposedly easy to step back to 6 seems to have been misreported: it’s sure as hell not easy for me, and I want that digital hellspawn gone from my machine. Argh. If I wanted a browser to act like Firefox, y’know, I’d just download bloody Firefox. This one was not ready for prime time, and at least on my machine, it’s very unstable – what good is tabbed browsing if the thing crashes and takes all my tabs with it?

Ah well. It’s Friday (actually, technically speaking, it’s Saturday now). It’s the end of my work week. It’s almost Christmas. I should go look at my own kitten pics and cheer the heck up. Actually, scratch that – I’m gonna go home and look at the kitten in the pics.

7 thoughts on “Delete immediately, before someone gets hurt”

  1. I remember back when Firefox was a perfectly dull Clint Eastwood movie and an even duller Atari laserdisc game.

    I miss those days.

  2. With the way some computers have become so disposable nowadays, it’s no wonder why many people are fiercely loyal to their old classic machines (Altairs, Ataris, Commodores, etc.). Sure you could replace a motherboard but it won’t be the same machine, will it? At least that has been my experience. Not that that’s a bad thing. However, even a brief breaking-in period is annoying and time-wasting (especially if you have to reinstall all that software – yuck).

    Anyway, good luck with your replacement for Orac.

  3. I’m glad Orac served me well for as long as it did (about 3 years). Technically this is Orac II that just died. At the same time, as increasingly senile as the poor old thing was, I was glad to get the Dell that replaced it about a year and a half ago; it was about time I stepped into the 21st century.

    The reason I need Orac (III) is to run some pre-USB hardware/pre-XP software that I still use quite a bit (including the scanner, which XP just won’t do a thing with), and as the main web machine if Zen is doing something computationally intensive (i.e. burning a DVD, rendering 3-D animation, etc.). As more of the site switches over to WordPress, I no longer have to be at one specific machine to get web stuff done.

    Orac III should be here next week, and it’s a machine that was pulled simply to make room for a newer one, not because anything was particularly wrong with it. With that in mind, this may well be a big step up. (As cranky as Orac II was, it wouldn’t take much…)

    So…I guess I’m not really mourning the soul of the machine. πŸ™‚ It’s like a car that you just drive the wheels off of and forget about the paint peeling off of. It did just what I asked it to do (often with protests), as long as it was able to do it.

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