Pressing forward.

theLogBook.comOut of frustration as much as anything, I decided rather suddenly to go “live” with the new and improved TheatEar section on the site this week. If you don’t hang out there, TheatEar is where we review and otherwise chronicle various and sundry radio and audio drama and comedy stuff. Naturally, it’s heavy with Doctor Who audio dramas and the NPR Star Wars stuff (and various latter-day offshoots of both), but there are also other things in there – fan-produced Blake’s 7 sequels, the infamous Left Behind radio drama (not the most popular addition I’ve ever made to the site – I don’t think I’ve heard so much complaining since that time I said that the bloodthirsty ending of Cube just stupidly ruins the movie – but for my money they’re better than the books, as well as the best American radio drama that’s been done since Star Wars), and Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds. Anyway, I’ve been slowly building up the database there, to the point where there’s at least a year’s worth of reviews in the new version of TheatEar; and more to the point, I’ve actually written future TheatEar reviews and entries which will post themselves every Monday morning as scheduled events. Now that’s cool. Over the next few weeks, I’ll try to get the backlog built up until everything that’s in the HTML version of TheatEar is in the database, and then I’ll be closing down the HTML pages and redirecting them to the slightly more bloggish incarnation of TheatEar. Go take a look and let me know what you think – after all, I’m not doing all this for myself. (At least I hope I’m not.)

Fair warning: sometime before the year is out, the site’s massive episode guide collection is going to wind up looking a lot like this too. We’re hard at work on the daunting effort of entering every episode’s info into a database, and adding cool features like “It aired today,” which will let you know what episodes of what shows aired on this day in teevee history. You’ll also be able to browse by years and months within those years. It’s starting to look really cool, and I almost can’t wait to unleash that on you.

Stay tuned, true believers…and…well…anyone who happens to be reading the site.

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