Attack of the Blipverts

Ah, the imprecise voodoo of advertising on the web. Too much, and you lose people. Too little, and your site is running at a loss financially and then people lose you because you can’t afford to keep the domain name locked down or exceed your site’s monthly bandwidth or… you get the idea.

And then there’s the current trend, which is to have something which detects ad blockers and throws up a smoke screen to keep you from making use of a site, either partially or fully. I’m not installing anything like that here, ever. I hate that shit.

Still, I have been forming partnerships here and there to bring some new advertisers and affiliate programs to the site. This keeps all the eggs out of one basket (which proved disastrous when Amazon kicked all of its Arkansas affiliates to the curb about 10 years ago), diversifies what’s on offer (while still keeping it very much in theLogBook’s wheelhouse), and hopefully, will eventually add up to the site being financially self-sustaining again in the near future.

Does that carry the risk of cluttering the site’s nice new layouts with advertising? Maybe. I’m trying to be judicious in how I’m deploying everything; a lot of it is still winding up at the bottom of the page.

The point is, the site must make strides toward being self-sustaining again in the future. Move-in costs on the house I’m looking at in Salt Lake City are just a smidge under $2,000, which is approximately $2,000 more than I have in my pocket most days. If the site can at least reach the break-even point where it’s paying for its own domain and continued existence, that would be dandy. And if it exceeds that…that’d be really nifty. Anybody want to sponsor a whole new podcast that’ll be starting in 2019?

With that being said, welcome ThinkGeek, Merchoid, eBay, and Eaglemoss to the pages where you’ve already been seeing ads for Amazon and CBS All Access. These are all vendors of fine nerdy goodies that should appeal to the folks on this site. If you’ve got an adblocker running…that’s fine. I totally understand. But if you like the site, or the podcasts, or what have you, I will make this one-time plea that, if you’re already doing or planning to do business with those fine folks anyway, consider clicking one of the ads or links you see here to do it. That way, you’re not only ordering the stuff you want, you’re making sure theLogBook gets a tiny cut of that purchase as well. Win-win!

I mean, really, the advertising could be worse…

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