Meet Special Procedures Cow!

Special Procedures Cow!It was a really, really slow day at work. At one point we looked over a computer marked “Special Procedures Cow” (a cow, in this context, being a Computer On Wheels – a laptop mounted to a wheeled, weighted cart). As often happens in a room full of IT geeks with too much caffiene and not enough sleep, the idea quickly took shape and spiraled out of control.

The result… is this.

Special Procedures Cow #1

Special Procedures Cow will return… often with in-jokes that would make absolutely no sense outside of our little group of IT geeks at work.

Incidentally, since things have slowed down enough that I had time to draw comic strips today in between bursts of actual work, it’ll probably surprise no one at all that the contract is up at the end of next week. I’ve had quite an interesting time on this gig, but it’s nearly time to move on and say goodbye to Special Procedures Cow.

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