Conversations with my son, part 8931

YeahOn the way home from picking up pizza today, Little E and I discussed why he laughs at a joke on one of his favorite shows, but doesn’t laugh when he says the same thing himself because it’s not inherently funny on its own.

  • ME: Maybe it’s not funny because it’s out of context.
  • E: What is context?
  • ME: It’s what’s going on around what you’re saying. Context is the other stuff around it. Context can tell you a lot. Context is pretty important.
  • E: [giggling]
  • ME: What?
  • E: You keep saying context and it sounds funny.
  • ME: Ah. That’s subtext…

This is why I’m not an English or lit teacher. Or, for that matter, any kind of teacher. 😆

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