The results of the NM Lottery Star Trek scratch-o-rama…

Malcolm and Trip booze it upAs you might remember from yesterday’s post, two friends of mine from New Mexico sent me the Star Trek scratcher cards from the NM Lottery. What the heck, why not go ahead and scratch them off? What is there to lose on the deal?

Well, wait ’till you get a load of this, folks, ’cause I lucked out. Seriously!

Break out your best bubbly, and get ready to drink a toast. The party’s at my place!

Scotty boozes it up Ersatz Picard boozes it up IT'S A FAAAAAKE

Because I won… are you ready for it?…


nine dollars! 😆 Hey, laugh all you like until the envelope gets here*. It’s nine dollars I didn’t have before. That’s, like, two or three double cheeseburgers right there, buster.

Thanks for showing up for the party, and please remember to appoint a designated driver for the trip home.

Enterprise smooshes it up Voyager smooshes it up WHOA WHAT??

* assuming that they actually pay it out to someone from out of state. Maybe I can convince them of what every other person on eBay seems to think already: the postal code AR really does stand for Arizona**!

** it doesn’t… it stands for Arkansas. But work with me here.

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