You keep using that word

Pizza the Hut!Conversation with the little guy on the way home today:

LITTLE E: I want to go home and eat pizza.
ME: I think Mom’s already got dinner planned.
LITTLE E: But I don’t like dinner. I don’t like it!
ME: Dinner isn’t pizza or green beans. Dinner is what time you eat at night. You like dinner just fine.
LITTLE E: I don’t like dinner.
ME: Do you like to eat food?
ME: Then trust me, you like dinner. At dinnertime, you get to eat food.
LITTLE E: I don’t like to eat food.
ME: Great – that’ll save us a lot out of our budget. Thanks, buddy!

Me and Little E, solving the world’s problems together since 2007. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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