New look's new look - February 2009As part of the fun going on for’s 20th anniversary, virtually the entire site has gotten a nice little facelift. The code’s a little tighter, and so help me, the look might just be a little cleaner. There are still some minor tweaks to be made, so if you find anything broken, let me know.

Looks like we get an extra smidgeon of the Whoniverse next month: there’s a Sarah Jane Adventures skit planned as part of Red Nose Day (the same charity telethon that brought us The Curse Of Fatal Death ten years ago) in March, guest starring K-9 and none other than Ronnie Corbett. An “old enemy” is also promised. Fun times.

Evan made out like a bandit at his day care’s Valentine’s Day – he came home with heaps of goodies (including some chocolates addressed from Evan to mom!), including some additions to the stuffed horsie collection. I guess that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that we set in motion: Evan gets a blankie horse, he takes it with him to day care, and therefore the assumption is “Evan loves horses!” Well, if he doesn’t now, he probably will before too long…not to fear, there’ll probably still be plenty for him to hang out with at the farm. Sundays will probably become a day that Evan wants me to wake up ASAP so he can go watch me feed horses. Oh boy!

But Evan doesn’t have to leave home to get his four-legged lovin’.

Evan and Oberon
Here he is deciding that Oberon is his Valentine.

Evan and Oberon
Looks like Oberon agrees.

Evan and Oberon
A lot. 😆

Hopefully everyone out there has a good V.D.!

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