But I'm sticking by my theory that Nicky and Hera will become Adam and Eve.  Somehow.…I guess this means we don’t get Wolfman Jack alerting everyone on Earth to the presence of the Cylons?

Damn. And to think, everything in both versions of Galactica had just lined up neatly in a row until now!

2 thoughts on “So…um…”

  1. It’s not over. It’s only the mid-season finale. From this article:

    As for when the final part of Season 4 will air, Moore has told TV Guide that it’s probably going to be in 2009. (Update: reports that the president of Sci Fi has said the last episodes will begin airing in the “first quarter” of 2009.)

    Time to hunker down and wait. In the meantime I’m gonna watch (finally) some Starlost episodes and pretend I’m sitting in a giant Space Ark.

  2. I know it’s not over. I just didn’t expect them to cross what they’d been claiming was the finish line halfway through the last season.

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