Holy crap, it’s a new ELO song!

Go click on the compass-y looking bit. Heck, click on ALL the bits, they’re very interesting.

This song sounds GREAT. I know this sounds stupid, but I could sit here and listen to that little sample all day. This sounds like it’s going to be the gem of the unreleased material discovered for the remasters – and are those actual strings I hear in there, unlike some of the other recently discovered tracks? (Then again, think about it – this is a bonus track for Out Of The Blue, for cryin’ out loud. What an album to have to live up to/fit in with.)

5 thoughts on “Holy crap, it’s a new ELO song!”

  1. Oh, whoops, just read the track listing. Looks like it won’t be. Drat! I’m pretty sure there was enough ELO material from this era to easily fill two discs.

  2. Miniature ELO spaceship…I’d buy it!!! :)In fact I’d put it next to my Cylon-head-shaped DVD set of the original BSG series (not that I’m a fan of the show).

    This new version of Out of the Blue looks like it will be the best remastered reissue yet.

  3. Miniature spaceship fans: click on the icicles at the top of that screen to learn how you can get one.

    Count me in for one definitely. Sadly, I lost my original OOTB cardboard spaceship many years ago (and then when I went to find another copy of the LP for a new one, discovered that it was a first-printing-only deal).

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