This dovetails nicely with my plan to spend less money on silly stuff

From Outpost Gallifrey:

Character Options is to release a range of classic-era figures.

To be launched next spring, in association with BBC Worldwide, the five-inch figures will initially feature detailed replicas of classic Doctors, plus a number of monsters.

Jon Diver, the joint managing director of Character Group, said: “The resounding success of the Doctor Who TV series is made up of both new and existing Doctor Who fans.

“We have reacted to public demand and will be producing a range which greatly enhances the depth and quality of our existing line.

“The classic licence will broaden the collectability and enhance the position of the brand.”

Can we say hot diggity damn? You can bet your bottom dollar (and/or pound) that Tom Baker and Paul McGann will be the first figures out of the gate, but so long as they at least fill out the first eight Doctors, and give me some Zygons and Sontarans to put next to the Judoon and the Face of Boe, I’ll be pretty happy. I think they ought to do some companions too, but…I’ll admit that probably needs to wait until they see if anyone buys the much more obvious choices. And then maybe, just maybe, they can give me that McGann TARDIS playset I’ve been dreaming of. (Until then, I’ll be more than happy with the incongruous hilarity of putting Pertwee and Colin Baker in the new series console room.)

Mat told me at CGE that he’d be happy to keep an eye open in the UK for any figures I’m missing. Heh. If only he’d known… 😆

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