Great, kid – now don’t get cocky

Did my first weigh-in tonight, a week after starting the diet. I figured, what with discovering that I was going to be daddy just a few days into the diet, I probably would’ve gained weight from nervous nibbling. Nope – I actually lost two pounds. Which ain’t too shabby.

The Mrs. and I were actually embarking on this weight-loss adventure together, but I guess she’s going to have to postpone for a little bit, isn’t she? (Actually, somehow she lost six pounds, which is kinda scary, considering.)

I’m up late reconfiguring my LAN to be, well, more of a real LAN. Orac II has been wiped clean and has had Win98 installed on it (it was a Win2000 machine in a former life, but I actually need it running 98 – what a motley assortment, a Win98 box, an NT box, and an XP box – plus a couple of handheld PCs running old, old builds of Win CE). The reconfigured LAN will allow me to get stuff from the Avid to Zen much, much faster, without wasting a lot of time uploading and downloading to my web server (which merely steals from the monthly bandwidth allowance that, by all rights, belongs to you, the reader). It’s time to get some real live workflow ability going here if I’m going to be sitting here all the time with video to edit and a baby to feed. Or is that the other way around?

Speaking of video to edit, I was playing around tonight with a very, very simple effect – making something semi-transparent in a shot. (Easy: shoot the same thing with and without the object in question.) I then messed around with some lighting and other effects, and…
Cybermen vs. Holo-Dalek
…voila, Cybermen staring down a “holo-Dalek”. Kinda cool, eh? I’d show you video, but I’m not sure there’s a need – that still frame pretty much spells it out for ya, and there really isn’t much movement to the video anyway. (The Dalek lights up different colors, but that’s about it.) (And between the diffracted light and the soft focus, it looks so ’80s.) But hey, I moved it via the LAN, so it was as good a test subject as any.

There’s supposed to be a gaming get-together at Brian’s (icbrkr) new place this weekend; there’s also supposed to be half a foot of snow, slush and ice. This is something like the third or fourth time his gaming gathering has been scuttled by the weather. I’m watching the schedules for CGE and OVGE this year very closely, with one eye on wanting to go, and one eye on possibly needing to stay. :/

By the way, if you’ve never had to do it, puzzling out what kind of devices are on a new machine so you can find the bloody drivers for them is a huge pain in the ass. Thank God for

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