Christmas 2004

Chloe and Xena
“Is there a reason we can’t let Xena in?” Chloe wonders why her best friend has been banished to the deck on a cold morning.

Chloe and Xena
There’s actually a reason: Xena has a tendency to want to…uh…taste test everything while food is being prepared. We found this out the hard way at Thanksgiving. We weren’t about to have a replay for Christmas. Who knew that dogs liked broccoli & cheese casserole?

My gifts for my wife, wrapped (very clumsily)…

Your presents are requested...
…and unwrapped.

Christmas loot
Here is my loot from Christmas; the Sega is the result of a trip to a thrift/antique store where my wife gave me $15 and told me to go nuts. I don’t think she expected me to bring home another mouth to feed…

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