Mr. Smith Of Manchester

The StarlostDevon, Garth and Rachel are captured as they explore another biosphere, which turns out to be an industrial wasteland with toxic polluted air, and brought before Mr. Smith, the dome’s self-proclaimed leader. Believing them to be agent of an enemy force trying to infiltrate his biosphere, Smith has the travelers brutally interrogated, only to find out that his interrogation equipment can’t detect any lies in their statements. Believing them to be spies whose memories and personalities have been reprogrammed, he orders his second-in-command, a woman named Trent, to keep a close eye on them…but when she expresses her doubts about Smith’s leadership to Devon in an unguarded moment, her comment is overhead by one of Smith’s omnipresent surveillance systems and she’s rounded up for questioning herself. Since he thinks Trent is a traitor, Smith has her tortured as well, and this changes Devon’s mind about what course of action to take. Instead of just securing an escape route for himself and his friends, Devon is now determined to do what he can to topple Smith’s regime before he moves on elsewhere in the Ark.

Get this season on DVDwritten by Arthur Heinemann and Norman Klenman
from a story by Arthur Heinemann
directed by Ed Richardson
music by Score Productions Ltd.

Guest Cast: Ed Ames (Mr. Smith), Pat Galloway (Trent), Doris Petrie (Nurse), Pattie Elsasser (Secretary), Nina Weintraub (Girl), Les Ruby (City Man), William Osler (Computer Voice)

Notes: Mr. Smith mentions the “first dome war” which, while he doesn’t elaborate much further, hints at the possibility of past conflicts between biospheres.

LogBook entry by Earl Green