The Pisces

The StarlostAn alarm wakes Devon, Rachel and Garth, and they’re stunned to see a spaceship approaching the Ark and coming in for a landing. Out of the ship, called the Pisces, steps Colonel Garoway, who, along with his two-woman crew, insists that he left the Ark only ten years ago to scout ahead for habitable worlds. But since the Pisces’ engines accelerate the tiny ship close enough to light speed that its crew experiences a time dilation effect, and contact with the Ark was lost, Garoway is unaware that hundreds of years have passed. Worse yet, there’s a side effect for Garoway and his crew: the early onset of senility. Devon hopes he can convince Garoway and his crew to help change the Ark’s course to avert its eventual collision with a star, but the crew of the Pisces has other ideas.

Get this season on DVDwritten by Norman Klenman
directed by Leo Orenstein
music by Score Productions Ltd.

Guest Cast: Lloyd Bochner (Colonel Garoway), Carol Lazare (Teale), Diana Barrington (Janice), William Osler (Computer Voice), Ted Beatie (Old Man), Lillian Graham (Old Woman), Susan Fleming (Tech)

LogBook entry by Earl Green