Love At First Light

Robert's RobotsRobert takes Eric to the local ice skating rink to test the robot’s ability to function gracefully in cold temperatures, while Aunt Millie is dismayed that Robert’s other robot, Katie, has fallen in love with her stove, even going so far as to remove it from her house. As is often the case, Mr. Gimble is watching from nearby, and decides to lure Katie away by loading the stove into a truck and driving off with it. Katie follows, but then gets lost along the way – so Gimble doesn’t have him, but he’s also not in the safety of Robert’s lab. Love is also on Robert’s mind as he gets ready to propose to his girlfriend, but she doesn’t know the true nature of the work he does, so the robotic mishaps that begin happening around her are something Robert can’t explain without endangering his government funding.

Robert's Robotswritten by Bob Block
directed by Vic Hughes
music not credited

Cast: John Clive (Robert Sommerby), Brian Coburn (Katie), Nigel Pegram (Eric), Doris Rogers (Aunt Millie), Jenny Hanley (Angie), Richard Davies (Gimble), Leon Lissek (Marken), Ian Gray (Policeman), Edward Phillips (Man at door)

LogBook entry by Earl Green