Part Two

Stargate: OriginsAs his guards hold the Langfords at gunpoint, Brucke orders the Stargate to be powered up, and the empty center of the circle erupts into a vortex of otherworldly energy. Brucke believes that unimaginable treasures and technologies are waiting for him on the other side, which he intends to claim and bring back for the glory of the Third Reich. Since there’s no guarantee of safety, he sends Professor Langford through first. Catherine realizes she’ll need help to retrieve her father…as soon as she can escape from the Nazis.

Stargate Originswritten by Mark Ilvedson & Justin Michael Terry
directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan
music by Robert Allaire

Cast: Ellie Gall (Catherine Langford), Aylam Orian (Wilhelm Brucke), Philip Alexander (James Beal), Sarah Navratil (Eva Reinhardt), Shvan Aladdin (Wasif) Derek Chariton (Heinrich), Justin Michael Terry (Gunter), Lincoln Hoppe (Stefan), Connor Trinneer (Professor Paul Langford)

LogBook entry by Earl Green