Stargate SG-1SG-1’s latest mission is slightly delayed when Carter has to run more calculations than usual due to solar flare activity, and before she goes, General Hammond hands her a folded note and cryptically tells her to open it on the other side of the gate. But when O’Neill and his team finally step through the gate, they seem to go nowhere, arriving at the gate room at the SGC again. That environment seems to melt away, and SG-1 finds itself standing under a Titan II missile whose engines are about to be tested – incinerating them in the process. When no one else can find an escape, Teal’c takes a gamble on disabling the missile with his zat gun, but that gets even more attention. O’Neill and the others are captured by soldiers and interrogated by U.S. officers who accuse them of being Soviet spies. The solar flare has thrown SG-1 30 years into the past, and the note given to Carter by General Hammond shows the team how to return to 1999. But first, they’ll have to convince a young Lieutenant George Hammond that their fantastic story is true – and that they need his help.

Order the DVDswritten by Brad Wright
directed by Charles Correll
music by Joel Goldsmith
montage music by Bruce Turgon

Guest Cast: Alex Zahara (Michael), Aaron Pearl (Lt. George Hammond), Amber Rothwell (Jenny), Pamela Perry (Cassandra), Daniel Bacon (Technician), Glynis Davies (Catherine), Fred Henderson (Major Thornbird), Sean Campbell (Sergeant), Efosa Otuomagie (Security Police)

Notes: Jack’s choice of aliases is only partly anachronistic; in early August 1969, the original Star Trek had just aired its final episode mere weeks before SG-1’s capture, so his “Captain James T. Kirk” alias could have been spotted right away; Jack wisely corrects this and claims to be “Luke Skywalker” instead.

LogBook entry by Earl Green