Stargate SG-1SG-1 returns from a visit to a planet where a device regarded as a mystical object called the Touchstone has given its inhabitants precise control over their climate. Carter is eager to return and study the device, which could be the team’s most valuable alien technology find yet. But when they go back, SG-1 is accused of stealing the Touchstone. O’Neill asks General Hammond point-blank is another SGC team was ordered to take the device, but Hammond says he hasn’t given any such orders. SG-1 pays a visit to Nellis Air Force Base at Area 51, where O’Neill accuses SG-1’s adversary, Colonel Maybourne, of stealing the device – especially now that freak weather conditions are affecting life on Earth. Maybourne dodges every question and accusation, and for some reason General Hammond can’t get through to the President. With disastrous weather wreaking havoc on two worlds, SG-1 discovers that the Antarctic gate has been moved and used by an unknown agency, possibly one acting under civilian authority. Even when they find a way to track the other stargate, General Hammond and SG-1 are keenly aware that any steps they take to retrieve the rogue gate (and its hijackers) puts the entire program, and their lives, in jeopardy.

Order the DVDswritten by Sam Egan
directed by Brad Turner
music by Kevin Kiner

Guest Cast: Tom McBeath (Colonel Harry Maybourne), Matthew Walker (Roham), Jerry Stargate SG-1Wasserman (Whitlow), Tiffany Knight (La Moor), Eric Breker (Major Reynolds), Conan Graham (NID Man)

Notes: Major Carter refers to “N.O.A.A. satellites,” referring to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration…but anyone, military or civilian, routinely referring to that agency would pronounce it “Noah” rather than spelling out the acronym.

LogBook entry by Earl Green