Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 50203.1: As Voyager ferries some telepathic Delta Quadrant denizens from a colony to their home world, B’Elanna experiences an intense dream about a member of their race, even though the object of her fascination is not one of Voyager’s passengers. B’Elanna’s dreams take stranger turns as they progress along a continuing path, telling her a specific story from the past, from the point of view of one of the passengers. Though allegations of telepathic interference are denied, B’Elanna finally encounters the person whose memories have been transmitted to her – an elderly woman who dies immediately after sending B’Elanna the last of her experiences involving a rebel faction of the aliens’ population which was massacred for opposing the government. B’Elanna believes that the woman whose life she experienced was murdered by someone trying to cover up the truth about the alien’s violent history – and since she now possesses the secret, she may be next.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Lisa Klink
story by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
directed by Winrich Kolbe
music by David Bell

Guest Cast: Bruce Davison (Jareth), Eugene Roche (Yathen), Charles Esten (Jubrel), Athena Massey (Jessen), Eve H. Brenner (Jora Marel), Nancy Kaine (Woman), Tina Reddington (Girl), Majel Barrett (Computer Voice)

LogBook entry by Paul Campbell