And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Babylon 5All attempts at discerning a tactical pattern in the Shadows’ attacks come up with a blank, and Sheridan’s not happy about it. Delenn tries to comfort him, but his inability to recognize the Shadows’ strategy frustrates Sheridan to the exclusion of all else. Lord Refa arrives from the Centauri homeworld along with a functionary of the Royal Court, investigating Refa’s complaint that Londo is impeding Centauri progress in the war. Londo sends Vir to tell G’Kar that his former aide, Na’Toth, is still alive and well on Narn. Then Londo confronts the Emperor’s messenger with his story that Refa is actually the obstacle to Centauri ascendency. Meanwhile, Vir is captured and forcibly probed by a telepath working for Refa. Powerless to resist, Vir cannot withhold the news that G’Kar is returning to the Narn homeworld. Sheridan holds a meeting with Brother Theo and two religious leaders from Earth, who have risked a great deal to smuggle out word that a resistance has formed against President Clark’s totalitarian regime. Reverend Dexter expresses in private his concern that Sheridan is shouldering too much of the war’s burden himself, and suggests that Delenn is Sheridan’s obvious partner in tactical matters – and more. Refa arrives on Narn and traps G’Kar, only to discover that the trap has been sprung already – by Londo. Londo has paid off Refa’s guards to leave him defenseless at the hands of the Narn, and has promised G’Kar the release of thousands of enslaved Narns in exchange for a small favor…Refa’s death. Sheridan begins to detect a possible pattern to the Shadows’ attacks, but upon his suggestion that he must think like the enemy in order to outwit them, Delenn becomes alarmed and literally drags him to Reverend Dexter’s worship service. Later, she reveals that things may not be as hopeless as they seem, unveiling an entire fleet of White Stars that could turn the tide in the war.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by David J. Eagle
music by
Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Erick Avari (Rabbi Leo Meyers), William Forward (Lord Refa), Louis Turene (Brother Theo), Mel Winkler (Reverend Will Dexter), Francois Giroday (Virini), Paul Keith (Drigo), Wayne Alexander (G’Dan), Marva Hicks (Singer)

Original UK airdate: September 8, 1996

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer