Live Fast And Prosper

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 53849.2: Voyager is confronted by an angry Telusian who demands that Janeway make reparations for a costly scam she pulled on his people – which naturally comes as a surprise to the captain. It turns out that a trio of skilled con artists have been swindling innocent people out of valuable resources and selling “Federation memberships” to those with the necessary funds. The Telusians aren’t “Captain Janeway”‘s only victims, either. Now the real Voyager crew must track down their impostors before an entire sector of civilized systems turns against them.

Order the DVDswritten by Robin Burger
directed by LeVar Burton
music by Paul Baillargeon

Guest Cast: Kaitlin Hopkins (Dala), Greg Daniel (Mobar), Francis Guinan (Zar), Dennis Cockrum (Orek), Ted Rooney (Varn), Timothy McNeil (Miner #2)

LogBook entry by Earl Green