Star Trek: EnterpriseA spatial anomaly disrupts the structure of the Enterprise itself, just before a well-armed raiding party boards the ship, attacking the crew and robbing supplies from the Enterprise’s cargo bays. The raider vessel, apparently unaffected by the anomaly, slips into an even denser field of spatial disruption apparently unharmed. Archer orders a pursuit course, which damages the Enterprise even further. He intends not only to secure the secret of passing through the anomaly unharmed for the Enterprise, but to retrieve the stolen items and put the raiders out of business. But when a single prisoner is captured who could give him the means to do this, how far will Archer go to get the man to cooperate?

Get this season on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Mike Sussman
directed by David Straiton
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: Nathan Anderson (Sergeant Kemper), Robert Rusler (Orgoth), Julia Rose (McKenzie), Kenneth A. White (Engineering Crewman), Ken Lally (Security Guard #1), Ryan Honey (Security Guard #2)

Notes: Robert Rusler, though he’s barely recognizable here, is remembered by Babylon 5 fans as ill-fated hotshot pilot Warren Keffer from the second season.

LogBook entry by Earl Green