The Aenar

Star Trek: EnterpriseWith Trip and Reed safely recovered, along with their tricorder readings from the remote-controlled attack ship, Captain Archer decides to continue following the leads on the attackers that nearly drove a wedge between the major species in the Alpha Quadrant. One such lead is the brain wave pattern of the telepathic pilot who was controlling the attack ship: Phlox believes the ship’s controller was at least related to the Andorians. Shran, who elects to stay about the Enterprise to help Archer investigate, consults with his government and learns that the brain waves are that of an Aenar – an elusive, pacifist Andorian subspecies that few living Andorians have seen. The Enterprise travels to Andoria, where Archer and Shran beam down to seek the Aenar. Shran is injured in the treacherous ice caves, but struggles onward, until he and Archer are found by the Aenar – albino, blind Andorians with strong telepathic abilities. The Aenar provide little help, though a young Aenar girl reveals that her brother is missing. She offers to go search for him with Archer and Shran, breaking the Aenar code of non-involvement. Reports come in that more attacks have been carried out by a ship similar to the one that nearly sent the Andorians and Tellarites to war. On the Enterprise, Phlox, T’Pol and Trip are readying a telepathic piloting device of their own, though at best they can only hope to use the unit to disrupt the control signal controlling the attack drone. But this time, the mysterious Romulans have dispatched two of the drones – and the Enterprise crew, even with the help of an Aenar, can only hope to disrupt control to one of them.

Get this season on DVDteleplay by Andre Bormanis
story by Manny Coto
directed by Mike Vejar
music by Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner

Guest Cast: Jeffrey Combs (Shran), Alexandra Lydon (Jhamel), Brian Thompson (Valdore), Geno Silva (Vrax), Alicia Adams (Lissan), Scott Allen Rinker (Gareb)

LogBook entry by Earl Green