Star Trek: EnterpriseStudying a planet in the Expanse at close range, an Enterprise landing party mutates into more primitive forms of life. The cause of this condition is a virus which has now infected Archer, Reed, Hoshi and even T’Pol. The human crew members are transformed, exhibiting personalities from a virological archive of an alien civilization. But by the time Archer and the others can gain an understanding of what has taken control of them, they have traveled to an ancient alien temple – where a group of hunters, who don’t seem eager to help the crew or Dr. Phlox find a cure, is waiting for them.

Get this season on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Andrè Bormanis
directed by LeVar Burton
music by Velton Ray Bunch

Guest Cast: Craig Baxley Jr. (Decon Agent #1), Philip Boyd (Com Officer), Daniel Dae Kim (Corporal Chang), Roger Cross (Tret), Kiante Elam (Alien Humanoid), Troy Mittleider (Palmer), Jimmy Ortega (Decon Agent #3), Keith Schindol (Decon Agent #2), Brian Williams (Stunt Alien Decon Agent)

Notes: Guest star Jimmy Ortega’s other Star Trek appearance goes all the way back to the beginning of the post-movie era – he had a brief part in Encounter At Farpoint as an Enterprise bridge officer frozen solid by Q.

LogBook entry by Earl Green